EMMA – Erasmus Mundus Mobility with Asia



The Physics Department of the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu welcomes applications for undergraduate and master programs and for postdocs as well, in the frame of the EMMA program.


A joint research master program (in English) can be started on request


We offer:


·        Undergraduate and graduate level Physics courses

·        Support for doing research and writing the graduation thesis or the dissertation

·        The framework for presenting the results in a seminar

·        The framework to practice teaching Physics (in English) at the undergraduate level

·        Support to present the results of the research at national and international conferences organized by the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu or other universities in Romania and to publish their work in ISI rated journals


Some aspects of the EMMA visitors’ activity are presented in images:


·        Attending an international Physics conference:

Image1, Image2, Image3, Image4

·        Teaching:

A Physics course: Pic1, Pic2, Pic3

A Physics lab: Movie, Pic4, Pic5, Pic6


Research areas in the Physics Dept.:


·        Light scattering on suspensions

·        Nanofluids

·        Metal hydrides

·        Thin films

·        Spin fluctuations

·        Photothermal effects

·        Monte Carlo applied in Optics and Biophysics

·        AFM on nanostructures and biological structures



Undergraduate level courses (in English) we currently offer:


·        Physical Mechanics

·        Fluid Mechanics

·        Molecular Physics and Thermodynamics

·        Electricity and Magnetism

·        Experimental Data Processing

·        Optics and Spectroscopy

·        Analytical Mechanics

·        Quantum mechanics

·        Statistical Physics

·        Atomic and Molecules Physics

·        Liquid State Physics

·        Statistical Physics

·        Lasers

·        Plasma Physics

·        Nuclear Physics

·        Solid State Physics

·        Photothermal Effects

·        Acoustics and Ultra-Acoustics

·        Computational Physics

·        Nuclear Spectroscopy and Dosimetry


Graduate level courses (in English) we currently offer:


·        Computational Physics

·        Photothermal Effects

·        Light Diffusion and Scattering on Suspensions

·        Statistical methods in Physics

·        Thin films and spin fluctuations

·        AFM physics and applications

·        Nuclear Spectroscopy

·        Quantum fields

·        Differential geometry in Physics

·        Transport phenomena


Other courses (in English) can be prepared on request.